It’s a bird… it’s a plane! No it’s…???????

I was thinking about super heroes. Why you ask? Could it be that nearly every movie released this summer was based on a comic hero?  We seem to be fascinated by their fantastic capabilities and then it occurred to me. I already have a superpower. I don’t need any special cape and I was born on this planet.  I haven’t been exposed to dangerous chemicals nor has my DNA been manipulated. In fact, my super power was always available to me and to anyone who else who wants to develop it.  Clark Kent did it and so can you and Kryptonite will never weaken you.

Are you ready?   You want in on this?  OK, listen up. I’ll share this with you and you will be so stoked you’re going to be completely empowered!! Start thinking of your hero name!

My superpower is fueled by  MEDITATION.  Wait…listen…don’t go away.  This is good stuff. Let me explain. (I’m struggling with my name though. It can’t be so identic like Super Peaceful Woman or based on some natural element like Sage Peacegazer…doesn’t work, I know.  I’m open to suggestions….)

Ok, that was fun but here’s the thinking behind this.  Before Clark Kent slips into the phone booth or Ant Man shrinks into Ant size… think about what happens. In that split second before the transition, Clark processes information, takes a breath and chooses his course of action. In that moment of clarity and choice he decides to act for the greater good! Without this stability of mind neither Superman nor Ant Man could do his thing. Can you imagine the internal voice of an anxiety driven Super Hero…”Hmmm, not sure about this one… a..a…that’s ok right…no one will really get hurt…what if I can’t find a phone booth? Someone might see me, I’ll be found out…What will people think, ‘oh silly little Clark Kent thinks he can fight the bad guys’... What if there’s Kryptonite over there…I’m doomed…What if I’m too late…does my cape make my butt look big? Augh… F*** it…”  You know how the voice in your head works. Always worrying and talking us out of forward movement. So much resistance in there!   Last thing you want is a superhero who can’t think.

But he does it. He becomes Superman; the most clearheaded guy around.  He operates from a position of calmness and choice. His action is aligned with his highest self.  There is no panic, anxiety or hesitation. He knows what needs to be done and he does it…no delays!


Honestly most of us do not operate this way in difficult situations. Stress is like Kryptonite. We are weakened and unable to respond.  We panic and in our fear we make decisions quickly and poorly. But what if you could learn to think before you act? How would this change your life? What are the benefits? Could this really be your superpower?  It’s a bird, it’s a plane …it’s Thoughtful MAN and Mighty Peaceful WOMAN…Here to save the day!!!!

 And save the day is exactly what you would do. This is the power of the benefits of meditation. To think in challenging situations, to stay in control of your own internal reactivity, to learn to take a breath and process what is going on around you before you make your next move. Meditation lets the flood of information coming at you slow down so it can be managed appropriately and you develop a responsiveness to situations rather than operating reactively.

My superpower, developed through the practice of mediation has saved the day many times. This makes me a superhero, but you can call me Robin, the Meditation Addict.




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