The secret of life…do these 3 things…The 5-3-1 Challenge.

 Without making promises I can’t keep or asking you to implement practices impossible to accomplish. I can, wholeheartedly, recommend these 3  items as direct steps to creating a happy life. But I can only do so much.  I’ll tell you the secrets but the rest is up to you.  And oh… don’t expect a miracle. Any change takes time to take root and blossom.

Here’s what the research has found. You’ll need to remember the numbers of 5-3-1.

Number 5.

This is the number of minutes you need to meditate each day.  5 Minutes friends!!!  That’s all. You probably waste that much time everyday deciding on lunch. A 5 minute break for your brain everyday is enough to create space and give your busy brain a much needed break. Meditation is like recess for your head.  Just do it! It works.


Number 3.

The number of good things you need to write down each day. (Yes, like a journal, but easy breezy.)

Make a note everyday of 3 good things in your life. There are no expectations here or restrictions. Just notice what you can put on your list and write it down. Some days, you might really struggle but don’t let your critical voice dictate what makes the list. It’s ok to write that you had clean underwear or that you got a close parking space. No judgment! I’m not telling you to put it on Facebook for heaven’s sake! (It’s the little things that really count anyway.) Just get in the habit of doing it. 3 good things everyday turns into 21 good things a week, about 50 a month and over 600 a year!! See what’s happening here? You are beginning to have evidence of the good things in your life. This leads to a solid foundation that can sustain you through the more challenging days.


Number  1.

Do one act of kindness every day. ONE!!! I’m not talking about buying coffee for the busload of college students behind you in the drive through. That was another challenge. This one is much easier. Hold the door, say thank you, let someone go ahead of you in line or let a car merge in your lane. Help a co-worker or call a friend just because. Kindness is a simple smile, a sweet compliment or a shared piece of gum. Don’t get all Oprah about it. We are all inherently kind. This one’s a piece of cake.

Are you still with me?  Repeat after me…5-3-1.

Because I know you are curious, here’s my list from today.


 20 minutes. (No I’m not raising the bar. I always do at least 20)

Good things.

1.       My son called me a cool mom. (It was actually a text but that still counts right?)

2.       Discovered a new juice place near my office and it was good!

3.       My kitten, Bella Luna, sat in my lap and purred for a good 30+ minutes. (I was in cat lady heaven.)


I helped my son reschedule his traffic school class. (see #1 under good things)

Now it’s your turn. You can do this! I have faith in you!

Leave a comment, I'd love you to share your lists!

5-3-1 GO!

As always,

I wish you peace.