Top 5 Reasons Why We SHOULD Yawn:

1. Lowers stress

2. Increases empathy and social awareness

3. Stimulates alertness and concentration

4. Relaxes every part of your body

5. Enhances introspection and consciousness

Yep...we SHOULD yawn. (I know you wanted to yawn just looking at the picture and most of you probably did!)

Yawning will relax you and and bring you into a state of alertness faster than any other meditation technique.

Dopamine is released in the yawning experience. This chemical is known to regulate pleasure and relationship bonding.

So try it right now! Fake a few yawns and by the 6th one a real one should emerge. But don't stop there, because after about 12 you'll begin to feel the effects of this natural trick. You will begin to feel present, relaxed and alert. If you find you can't stop yawning once you have started just know that your body has felt deprived and needs this little known treat!