Today I walked in the desert in my usual habit of mindful walking. I use a technique called "noting". In this practice you observe and experience all that is around you, not focusing on any one item. My internal dialogue notices...rock, bird, heat, leaf, car...MUSHROOM? What?

My thoughts were off in an entirely new direction. (It’s ok to have thoughts in meditation!)

Hmmm. Mushroom, in the desert where it is dry and hot. Mushrooms need damp, cool and dark, right? I began to think about how the expression of the mushroom must have always been there, needing only the recent rains to present itself. The rain did not create the mushroom. This struck me as a habit of nature and how much like this we are. Nature is never wrong.

In meditation we begin to experience the deeper levels of consciousness uncovering what has always been there. What we are on the outside is only one aspect of who we are. Like the desert, as we move through the layers and new forms of experience are added we may begin to experience the infinite possibly of who we are under the surface.

Did I lose you? Too whoo whoo?