I am a meditation teacher and I meditate every day. Without fail. But why?

Meditation hasn’t cured me of any illness or helped me recover from some trauma. There are no rainbows greeting me in the morning or unicorns escorting me through my day. I sometimes have trouble sleeping, have unkind thoughts about others, worry that I’m not good enough and I still have chronic back pain. UGH! Maybe this whole meditation thing isn’t working as well as one might think.

Yet…I am compelled. Addicted. Over the moon. The voice in my head asks for it. “Now? Can we do it now? How about now? Ya, ya, ya…”.Such eagerness and determination! When my timer goes off signaling the end of my meditation time, there’s the voice again suddenly back and nagging “No! Longer! I like it here!” So much for the promise of a calmer head! This one’s a bully.

But here’s where we agree, I like it in there too. It’s expansive, peaceful, calm, safe, timeless, welcoming, soft, loving, intimate, friendly, understanding, hopeful… It’s altering my consciousness without going anywhere…it’s all PEACE and LOVE, baby.

OK. So maybe there are noticeable advantages in my daily life too. There’s resiliency, responsiveness rather than reactivity, maybe I have less back pain (Who knows? Maybe?) and a solidly positive outlook (Though I think I had this one before the whole meditation addiction).

I’m not questioning it anymore. Just going along with what my brain wants.

Hi. My name is Robin and I am a meditation addict.