Top 3 Reasons to Meditate During the Holidays

There is an old Zen adage...

You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day. Unless you are too busy.

Then you should sit for an hour.

Meditation only works if you do it! Don’t give up! We all get caught up in the magic and stress associated with the holiday season. Our thoughts are naturally directed towards others, after all this is the focus of the season. We are often so busy with thinking about what we can do, should do and want to do for others that we lose sight of our responsibility to ourselves. You might feel that it OK to give up a few of your self-care practices in order to give your attention to others. However, this is a little misguided and ultimately works against you. The only way to keep your energy from being completely depleted is to replenish your own reserves before you run out.

1.Self-care is the new Health Care!

Meditation is self care. It is a proven method of recharging your battery and restoring good health. Stay in tune with your body and take good care of it during this high stress time. Everyone knows that a battery loses power when its reserves are low. The same is true with our energy and health reserves. In order to do your best work in caring for others you must make sure your energy stores are well stocked. This is the beauty of a daily meditation practice. In as little as five minutes a day you can replace what has been given away. You have a list of things to do. Make sure you are on the top of the list!

2.Meditation changes your relationship with your busy mind.

As stress arises our minds tend to get caught up in the thousands of thoughts passing through our awareness. Scientists believe we think about 45,000 to 60,000 thoughts daily. If we paid attention to every thought that crossed our minds we would spend all day rummaging through past ideas, future lists, old memories, criticisms and listening to the constant negative voice in our heads that has nothing to do with what is happening right now. Meditation teaches you pay attention to one thing at a time. You develop a habit of witnessing the thoughts as they come and go rather that reacting to them. The shift from a reactive mind to a responsive mind changes your relationship with your naturally busy head. A calmer more responsive mind is certainly a boost this time of year! Notice what is happening in your body. Learn to take a few deep breaths when you feel tension arising. Just this simple practice can quickly shift your thoughts from chaos to calm.




3. Share your HO! HO! HO!!

With a calm mind and rested spirit you can truly embody the peace and joy of this season. Meditation creates mental clarity that brings an increased awareness of each experience. A consistent meditation/mindfulness practice teaches you to stay present and this can alleviate stress. Frustrating relationships and events that might have kept you from enjoying the season lose their hold on you. There will be no need to fake a smile or pretend that all is well. You will feel well and can easily enjoy the season with a full heart. A positive and lighthearted attitude is contagious. Let yourself be  Joy FULL! Peace FULL! And Great FULL!

Share the HO! HO! HO!!! (or is it OM…OM…OM!?)

In as little as five minutes a day you can give yourself the gift of peace. Shouldn't you be able to give yourself this small present this season? After all, you are worth it!

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Wishing you a Joyful Holiday!



The Meditation Addict