Feb. 14,2015

Enjoy this meditation designed to increase your feelings of love and kindness to yourself and others. Research has shown that practicing this meditation increases social connections, self esteem, positive emotions, compassion, well being, empathy and resiliency. Help in healing of physical ailments has also been documented. Give it a try! You and everyone around you will benefit!
May you be well.
May you be happy.
May you be free from suffering.
May you know peace.
Happy Valentines Day!♥

~Robin, the Meditation Addict


Feb 12, 2015

Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) is a co-sponsor of a new legislative act that allows US schools to fund social and emotional learning (SEL) programming. He states “These programs are scientifically proven to help students increase skills in problem-solving, conflict resolution, responsible decision-making and relationship building—these are the skills that will build the foundation for students to better perform academically and throughout their lives." Teaching mindfulness and empathy are social skills that can enhance academic learning and self regulation. There is a movement brewing. Please support this legislation and all efforts to bring these calming practices to our communities.http://www.mindful.org/news/us-schools-will-teach-the-abcs-of-emotions#.VNzPSX85M24.facebook

~Peace, Robin the Meditation Addict

Feb. 4. 2015


There are many ways to meditate. Willingness to begin this ancient and profound practice is all that is required to begin. It only works if you work it! Remember that it is OK to have thoughts in meditation and to be kind to yourself! To develop the practice you have to stick with it, even when it seems difficult. Let go of expectations and sit. You can do this as long as you aren't trying too hard. I have faith in you. Breathe and begin. ~Robin the Meditation Addict

Feb 1, 2015

"The truth is that everything is perfect just the way it is. Right here, right now. That’s pretty simple. You don’t have to go searching for perfection. You don’t have to do anything for it. It’s already here. Nothing is missing in this moment."
~ Nirmala 

This one practice, learning to pay attention to the current moment, changes everything. Not because our attention creates new outcomes but because experiencing each moment opens us to the fullness of life as it already exists. How often do we dismiss an experience wishing it would end hoping only that what happens next is better? Stop searching. Stop wishing your life away. The perfect time is here for you, now.
~Robin,The Meditation Addict

Jan. 26, 2015

"When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new." ~Dalai Lama

Listening to another is incredibly difficult. Sure we have conversations all the time, but are we so busy preparing our next statement, advocating for our voice to be heard, that we lose the content of what is being said to us. We have learned to avoid gaps in the conversation. How many of us get uncomfortable with the pause? But if we are listening, truly attentive to the other, then some silence in the interaction is needed. It is required to be understood.

Try this mindful way of conversation. Listen. Decide to wait until the speaker is finished to make your reply. Pause and reflect. Then speak. 

It will take some time to create this new habit and you will be uncomfortable at first. You will be "itching" to jump in. It's a lot like meditation. Nothing much happens when your thoughts come to you in rapid fire. Slowing down changes everything.

See what happens! You may learn something new!
~Robin, The Meditation Addict


Jan. 19, 2015

"Two weeks vacation to offset a year's worth of stress isn't enough. If you stress daily, you need to de-stress daily; it's that simple." ~ Timber Hawkeye

Self care isn't about creating large blocks of time to "get away". Everyday we have the opportunity to detach from our busy lives, go within and de-stress. 
Imagine stress as a glass of water filled to the halfway point. It's not a question of how you see it, half full or half empty, but about how long you can carry it. Hold the glass for a few minutes and you are OK, an hour, a day or a year and you are exhausted. Meditation empties your glass everyday. It's the perfect method to de-stress. 

Jan. 7, 2015

I am a meditation teacher and I meditate every day. Without fail. But why?
Meditation hasn’t cured me of any illness or helped me recover from some trauma. There are no rainbows greeting me in the morning or unicorns escorting me through my day. I sometimes have trouble sleeping, have unkind thoughts about others, worry that I’m not good enough and I still have chronic back pain. UGH! Maybe this whole meditation thing isn’t working as well as one might think. 

Yet…I am compelled. Addicted. Over the moon. The voice in my head asks for it. “Now? Can we do it now? How about now? Ya, ya, ya…”.Such eagerness and determination! When my timer goes off signaling the end of my meditation time, there’s the voice again suddenly back and nagging No! Longer! I like it here! So much for the promise of a calmer head! This one’s a bully.

But here’s where we agree, I like it in there too. It’s expansive, peaceful, calm, safe, timeless, welcoming, soft, loving, intimate, friendly, understanding, hopeful… It’s altering my consciousness without going anywhere…it’s all PEACE and LOVE, baby.

OK. So maybe there are noticeable advantages in my daily life too. There’s resiliency, responsiveness rather than reactivity, maybe I have less back pain ( Who knows? Maybe?) and a solidly positive outlook (Though I think I had this one before the whole meditation addiction). 

I’m not questioning it anymore. Just going along with what my brain wants. 
Hi. My name is Robin and I am a meditation addict.

Dec. 6th 2014

Stressed? Anxious? Feel like you can't breathe?
During anxious moments our bodies automatically go into "Fight or Flight" mode. This biological response works well when the perceived threat is real, however, most of today's threats are only imagined. The helpful biological response of increasing oxygen backfires and leads to an over abundance of oxygen creating to the experience a panic attack. To calm down and restore balance try long, slow, deep breathing. This tells your body that everything is OK.
Learning this one technique can calm an anxious nervous system and help to bring your mind and body back into alignment. Even Sesame Street got on board with sharing this message.
You don't have to be a preschooler to enjoy this brief tutorial on deep breathing!

Nov. 22 2014

This is it... Everything is as it should be... Whatever... It is what it is... Sounds a bit like resignation but I ask that you think about it differently.
All of these sayings remind us to stay present in the moment. No focus on outcome or results. It is an opportunity to be exactly where you are and to find the peace and joy in the current experience. Each moment ultimately passes, what a waste it is to minimize the exact experience you are having right now. Be present, enjoy each moment and take a look at this article fromMindful.org. Peace~Robin


Nov 14th 2014

I resolve to practice Mudita, the pleasure that comes from delighting in others good fortune. Sadly,I'm not always good at this. My own ego, selfishness and envy can interfere with this practice. Truth is, this is an abundant world with plenty of good fortune available for all of us.Cultivating this habit will not only benefit me but others as well. 
The Dalai Lama said it best "If I am only happy for myself, many fewer chances for happiness. If I am happy when good things happen to other people, billions more chances to be happy!”
Today I vow to be open to a "billion more chances to be happy!"~Robin



November 8, 2014

Practicing gratitude isn't just a human phenomenon. It seems to be hard wired into our genetic make-up. Stress blocks this natural pattern. Our attention goes to the problems, depriving us of the beauty of feeling grateful for what is. When we are able to focus on what's going "right" in life it's easier to let go of what is not. 
Regain balance in this area of your life by practicing an "attitude of gratitude" even when it is not easy to do so. Strengthening this response will lead to the resiliency and flexibility needed to manage stress as it meanders through our lives.  Practicing gratitude isn't just a human phenomenon. It seems to be hard wired into our genetic make-up. Stress blocks this natural pattern. Our attention goes to the problems, depriving us of the beauty of feeling grateful for what is. Whe
n we are able to focus on what's going "right" in life it's easier to let go of what is not.Check out this video for the Jane Goodall Institute.  https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152651764038307&set=vb.58302598306&type=2&theater

Peace ~Robin

November 2, 2014

Step 11 in the 12 step philosophy states…

Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.

Today’s daily AA reflection reiterates the power of this step reminding us that growth keeps us from returning to ways that no longer serve or nourish our heart’s desire. Recovery is a miracle but the miracle isn't magic. The miracle happens because you are willing to put simple principles to work in your recovery. Start a daily meditation practice as an effective strategy in recovery.  Peace,~Robin

The other Steps can keep most of us sober and some- how functioning. But Step Eleven can keep us grow- ing, . . ."

October 1, 2014

Today I walked in the desert in my usual habit of mindful walking. I use a technique called "noting". In this practice you observe and experience all that is around you, not focusing on any one item. My internal dialogue notices...rock, bird, heat, leaf, car...MUSHROOM? What?
My thoughts were off in an entirely new direction. (It’s ok to have thoughts in meditation!) 
Hmmm. Mushroom, in the desert where it is dry and hot. Mushrooms need damp, cool and dark, right? I began to think about how the expression of the mushroom must have always been there, needing only the recent rains to present itself. The rain did not create the mushroom. This struck me as a habit of nature and how much like this we are. Nature is never wrong.
In meditation we begin to experience the deeper levels of consciousness uncovering what has always been there. What we are on the outside is only one aspect of who we are. Like the desert, as we move through the layers and new forms of experience are added we may begin to experience the infinite possibly of who we are under the surface. 
Did I lose you? Too whoo whoo?
Enjoy this pretty picture of the mushroom that grew out of the desert after the rain. 
~Peace, Robin

September 9, 2014

Dan Harris, an ABC News Anchor, had a panic attack on air. In his attempt to manage this symptom he discovered meditation. Here he describes the neuroscience behind this ancient and calming practice. Like Mr. Harris, I agree that we are on a wave of acceptance of the practice of meditation and that one day soon it will be considered a normal healthy activity akin to brushing your teeth.
Are you ready to learn?  http://youtu.be/FAcTIrA2Qhk
~Peace. Robin

September 6, 2014

I'm not from Ohio but wish I could claim this wise politician as my own. While his efforts are less than mainstream he has diligently worked to promote mindfulness and meditation as a stress reduction technique accessible to everyone. His book "A Mindful Nation" competently outlines research and strategies to incorporate mindfulness into our educational system. With a focus on Veterans and schools and the support of many public figures and institutions let's hope his message will spread. http://www.mindful.org/news/mindfulness-it%E2%80%99s-still-not-for-everyone
~ Peace. Robin

September 5, 2014

Meditation benefits you mentally, emotionally physically and spiritually.
Lowers blood pressure/slows down the cardiovascular system.
Restores balanced function to the digestive system, aiding absorption of nutrients.
Relaxes the nervous system.
Relieves muscle tension.
Diminishes intensity of headaches and migraines.
Relieves insomnia.
Frees the mind from self doubt and internal chatter.
Releases fears.
Reduces anxiety.
Decreases depression.
Generates optimism, self esteem, confidence and motivation.


September 4, 2014









Simple and effective.
Close your eyes.
Focus on your breath.
Feel your chest rise and fall.
Feel the cool air on the inhale and the warm breath on the exhale.
Slowly open your eyes.
Notice the calm you have created. Breathe.

September 3, 2014


How often does our attention go to an irritation, or the moment when we believe the Universe is conspiring against us? This is an easy habit of the mind. We have an ability to notice all the places where we are lacking something. The outcome of this way of thinking is that we give energy and attention to the perception that something is wrong, thereby reinforcing this belief. It becomes a well worn path that we easily take, ignoring the sweeter, gentler way that reminds us of what is going well. Today, notice the habits of your mind and see if you can choose the path that reminds you that the Universe always has your best interests at heart ! Choose the path of acceptance, gratitude and peace and a euphoric, magical and synchronistic world awaits! ~Carry on! Robin

July 15, 2014

We might need reminders if we want to establish a new pattern in our lives. Creating a new habit requires a conscious shift in our thinking. As you begin this process be kind to yourself and let go of expectations. If you continue to  practice mediation the new habit will be formed. Don't give up! Anything new you want to learn takes practice. This is true whether we are 10 or 99. Make meditation a priority and keep doing it, no matter what. I am reminded of the wisdom of Yoda who says..."Do... or do not. There is no try".


"Make your #meditation practice a priority. Ideally, meditation practice is something you will make a part of your daily routine - like brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Even though it isn't always fun or exciting, taking time for meditation will definitely make your day, and then your life, better." ~ Sarah McLean


June 14, 2014

“Meditation is not meant to help us avoid problems or run away from difficulties. It is meant to allow positive healing to take place. To meditate is to learn how to stop – to stop being carried away by our regrets about the past, our anger or despair in the present, or our worries about the future.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

There are many reasons to meditate and most likely, you have thought of the many reasons not to. Beginning a meditation practice starts with your willingness to do so. It's simple but not always easy. 
Like everything you have ever learned since the day you were born, crawling, reading, riding a bike, this too will take practice. So be kind to yourself, be willing and begin. Seek out a teacher or find a group and learn what it takes to bring this ancient and healing practice into your life. 
You can do this! I have faith in you!

June 7, 2014

"If we are not able to smile, then the world will not have peace."
-Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh recommends we try a Smiling Meditation. Smile whenever you can, Smile while you are driving, standing in line, at the gym, at work, or anywhere you are. You will feel better and your mood will change. People around you will respond to you with increased kindness. It's contagious! Even if you only see a picture of someone smiling you naturally feel happier. So smile...even if you have to fake it you will see the effects and the benefits will be the same!

June 1,2014

Top 5 Reasons Why We SHOULD Yawn

1. Lowers stress
2. Increases empathy and social awareness
3. Stimulates alertness and concentration
4. Relaxes every part of your body
5. Enhances introspection and consciousness

Yep...we SHOULD yawn. (I know you wanted to yawn just looking at the picture and most of you probably did!)

Yawning will relax you and and bring you into a state of alertness faster than any other meditation technique. 

Dopamine is released in the yawning experience. This chemical is known to regulate pleasure and relationship bonding. 

So try it right now! Fake a few yawns and by the 6th one a real one should emerge. But don't stop there, because after about 12 you'll begin to feel the effects of this natural trick. You will begin to feel present, relaxed and alert. If you find you can't stop yawning once you have started just know that your body has felt deprived and needs this little known treat!

May 12, 2014


Rep. Tim Ryan is at it again! His vision of bringing meditation into the mainstream is happening. I am delighted to be on the same page! I read his book "A Mindful Nation" last year. His thinking is based on science and creates a vision of our future that is hopeful and attainable.
Thank you Rep. Ryan!