Day one

You may have already taken the Stress Assessment and I hope this information was useful to you. If not you can get it here...

What surprises most of us is how the seemingly "good" events add up to create stress for us. We do not think of the blessings in life as having this kind of impact. Yet here it is.  As you can see, we all have stresses that build up.   There are some simple steps you can do to combat this build up if you are aware it is happening! The best treatment however, is prevention. Learn to incorporate simple and effective strategies into your daily lives to help ward off the impact of the build up of stress. Think of these self care practices as a daily vitamin that your body needs to create balance.    

 # 1 Cure for stress is Sleep!  (I'll talk more about this in this lesson.)               

# 2 Cure for stress is Meditation  

# 3 Cure for stress is Spending time in nature.




Day Two!


We are moving on to the concept of learning how to manage your reactions to stress as they arise. Despite our best intentions, there will always be events that can easily derail our peace and calm. Today we are looking at some quick and easy Peace Full exercises to help you manage your stress reactions while in a difficult situation.

The main goal is to be able to notice when you are reacting to stress and to begin to learn how to choose another path. Being able to think differently while experiencing stress is the fastest way to shift the outcome from negative to positive. These new strategies do take practice, so be kind to yourself! You are learning a new skill and patience is required. The Peace Full exercises are designed to break old habits and give you a moment to ask the question "What is the next best thing for me to do?" 

We will finish up the series on Friday with a discussion on How to Start When you are Feeling Stuck and the best options for dealing with the "voice in your head"!





Bonus Content...How to Meditate in a Moment









Day three!

Welcome to day 3!


I've enjoyed having you along on this journey. I hope you found some information to help you.

Today I am sharing some thoughts about how our thinking can work against us. Specifically, the thoughts we all have that decrease our confidence and increase our worry.  All of these come from the "voice in our heads", not the psychotic kind,  but the one that narrates all of our actions and sometimes isn't very nice to us.  I know you know this one! We all do. 

If I can be of further help to you, please feel free to reach out to me. I have some classes coming up this month if you are here in Phoenix and I'd love to see you there!

Thank you for participating!

I wish you peace,



Enjoy this  brief Gratitude Meditation to help shift your thinking into the positive! 

Bonus content

Here'a a short clip on Neuroplasticity. This is the brains ability to change. I think it can help you understand how change is possible!

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