Introduction to Meditataion


We've made it easy for you. In a 2 hour class, you'll receive all the information you need to get going. Each of us has our own reason for wanting to learn to meditate, and whether you want to create mental, physical, or emotional balance, or be more spiritually connected, you'll find that meditation will help you.



Group classes are scheduled on a regular basis at the scottsdale office. Group classes will normally have anywhere from 3 to 10 students attending the class together. group classes are a wonderful way to learn to meditate!

The atmosphere is friendly, engaging and fun. Come just as you are and enjoy camaraderie with the group. Learning to meditate with a friend is a great support for your continuing practice. 

You'll be guided in various ways to meditate, discover the basics of successful meditation, find out what meditation is and what it is not, and explore experiences you might have. You’ll learn a powerful, yet easy meditation method you can use every day.

COST:  $225 per person




Individual Meditation Coaching

By appointment!

Phone sessions or in person!