Robin Byrne, LCSW



I became a Meditation teacher because there was a "tug" at my soul. There was not an awakening that this was the right path for me, it was just the path I was on. 

I had my first experience with a guided mediation  when I was 16. I remember coming out if it and thinking."Whoa! What was that?"  I loved it and wanted more. It showed up again in college when everyone was "TM"ing. I read Herbert Benson's "The Relaxation Response" and begin to practice on my own. It was a great place to start and I still endorse his work. 

I wasn't sharing much about my meditation practice  because as a therapist,  I was a reluctant to sound too "woo woo"! I eventually began to follow the works of Deepak Chopra, Ken Wilber, Melvin Conner, Eckert Tolle, Gary Zukov and many others.  It was around this time that I discovered my affinity for yoga.  My irregular practice of meditation became more regular and I found I began to "crave" it. Meditation became more mainstream and it was easy to talk about it not only socially but also in therapeutic settings. I was thrilled to begin to teach this ancient practice to clients struggling with anxiety and depression. It became clear to me that I needed more formal training and I wanted to shift my focus to teaching in order to reach more students. I became a student of The McLean Meditation Institute's Teacher Training Program. Under the tutelage of the lovely and knowledgeable Sarah McLean, I deepened my own practice and learned how to teach others. Now, having listened to the my soul,  I coach students in person and virtually to meditate. 

I meditate everyday, I need it, crave it, plan for it , think about it, try to get others to do it and can't go a day without. My brain begs me for it.  I've got it bad and I'm fairly sure there's not a cure. Yup...I'm powerless.  

Hi. My name is Robin and I am a Meditation addict.


Robin Byrne LCSW, is a Licensed Therapist with 33 years of clinical expertise. A devoted meditator who has experienced the benefits of a daily meditation practice in her life, she uses her expertise to guide students in the steps needed to realize these same benefits in their own lives. Her first hand experience with meditation and her expertise as a therapist integrates in a treatment approach that is perfect for those who are seeking a more natural way of managing life’s stressors.  In 2012 she Studied with McLean Meditation to become a Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor. 

Robin teaches meditation techniques alone or combined with therapy for those seeking deeper psychotherapeutic interventions. She has taught meditation to individuals, groups and in Recovery Treatment programs.

Working in her Scottsdale office she teaches meditation classes and works with individuals and families by appointment. She provides online coaching and phone consultations to meditation students everywhere.